New to Ottawa Fight & Fitness?

Welcome to Ottawa Fight & Fitness! Please have a look at the information provided below to get you started with training. 

Register by filling out our online waiver and simply choose one of the following: Fundaments Muai Thai, Boxing, or BJJ Classes. Arrive 15 minutes early and one of our instructors will take you through an introductory session and jump into one of the classes that follows where you'll continue to build on those fundamentals. For those of you with more experience, please select the class that matches your level in the discipline you’d like to jump in on.


Getting Started FAQ

Comfortable clothes to train in. Usually Shorts and a T-shirt or Tank Top work best for Muay Thai, Boxing, and Athletic Conditioning. Rash Guards and Shorts for No-Gi Grappling, and a Gi is required for our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. 

All the training is done barefoot at the gym with the exception of Boxing Shoes (No runners or outdoor shoes please) for our Boxing Classes. Keeping a towel in your gym bag is always a great move (pro tip!). Make sure to bring something to stay hydrated with, reusable bottles are recommended. 

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You don’t for your intro session as we’ll be going over the basics (stance, footwork, and basic shadow box techniques), but going forward everyone is required to have their own Boxing Gloves. Handwraps are optional, but strongly recommended when smashing the Heavy Bags.

No you do not, that’s what we’re here for! Everyone has their own starting point and we’ll help get you where you want to be!

That’s awesome! Most people end up loving it too, just click here and you’re on your way! We’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from! Sign up here

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